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Can you name the RE- words from real clues and fake clues?

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Fake RE-ClueRE-WordReal RE-Clue
Perform with Singer Turner againSensor in the human eye
Put the coffin into the vehicle againPractice the scene before filming
But 1/20th of a ream againDemand or ask of
Replace something in the circuit box againGive up or deny
Ride the Chicago train againA holder for a celluloid film
Ring a bell againUndo a law
See a speck of dust againTV controler
See Adam's mate againPass a rope through
See Dracula or Angel briefly againSpruce up or redo
Send dots and dashes againDistress over guilt
Send off on the Greyhound againA picture puzzle
Spread a margarine relative againOne who furnishes the counter-proof
Take out a classified againPeruse
Think of time before the present againA meal
Use a thick string againUse a TiVo to save TV
Uses a grasping tool againOnes who send back the RSVP card
Visit countries on the Eastern Mediterranean againGermane or pertinent
Watch Asner on TV againA oboe needs a double one
Wear a cap with only a brim againOne who corrects a manuscript
Hang out with a cool lady againRelating to a king

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