Dead or Canadian

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Can you name the status of each of these people as being DEAD, CANADIAN, BOTH or NEITHER?

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PersonDead/Canadian Both/Neither
Bob Dylan
Pamela Anderson
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Abe Vigoda
John Candy
John Kenneth Galbraith
Doris Day
Tom Brokaw
Lorne Greene
Michael J. Fox
Carrie Fisher
Saul Bellow
Liz Taylor
John Belushi
Lorne Michaels
PersonDead/Canadian Both/Neither
Demi Moore
Chris Chelios
Glenn Ford
Robertson Davies
Tommy Chong
Kiefer Sutherland
Ken Ober
Olivia de Havilland
Luke Perry
Phil Hartman
Peter Jennings
Avril Lavigne
Tim Conway
William Shatner
Leonard Cohen

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