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Can you name the words that can have a conjunction added to the front to make another word?

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Conjunction + ClueConjunction WordLonger Word
NOR + Interjection of delight or reliefRavi Shankar's singing daughter Jones
OR + Train in ChicagoPitcher Hershiser
NOR + PeopleCity in Virginia
OR + Male childActor-Director Welles
AND + Pay to play pokerModerately slow, in music
BUT + 2000 poundsFrosty the Snowman's nose
AND + Type of golf clubSupport in a fireplace
BUT + A long lock of hairA support that may be flying
BUT + Sonny's singing partnerOne who specializes in meat
BUT + Clock soundsArse
NOR + Male reproductive fluidAncient Scandinavians
AND + Note before miFezzik in 'The Princess Bride'
OR + Left or not remainingVital energy in health
OR + Director LeeSumatran ape
AND + A type of beerSpanish expression to hurry up
NOR + Actor PatinkinD-Day location
NOR + Captain Reynolds of 'Firefly'Sane, regular, or average
AND + Opposite of underHome of Phillips Academy

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