Almost Turkey

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Can you name the words that are two-letters away from TURKEY from clues?

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_ U R K E _Company that sell French fried onions
_ U R _ E YA wheeled hospital cot
_ U R _ E YJorge Garcia on 'Lost'
_ U R K E _One who hangs out quietly in a chatroom
_ U R _ E YA horse drawn vehicle (with a fringe on top)
_ U R _ E YA poll or questionnaire
T U _ K E _Actor Chris of 'The Fifth Element'
T U _ _ E YHeavyweight champion Gene from 1926-28
T U R _ E _A deep soup bowl
T U R K _ _Relating to languages spoken in Istanbul
T U R _ E _Ted who owns CNN
T U R _ E _A rotating gun tower
T U _ K E _Kenyan beer with an elephant logo

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