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Can you name the 5-letter words that if you remove their first letter and flip the rest you get a 4-letter word?

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EITHER the 5-letter or 4-letter word can be entered.
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(Starting Letter) 5-Letter ClueAnswer4-Letter Clue
(A) A place to bowlScream
(B) Emerald, for oneAncient stringed instrument
(C) Burglary or arson, e.g.A mideastern leader
(D) French painter EdgarSavory spice
(E) Very early computerChild of Adam and Eve
(F) A story with a moralNapoleon exile island
(G) One with no hope of survivalCity in Nevada
(H) Capital of VietnamA Scottish island
(I) NBA Hall of Fame Player-Coach DanMore's opposite
(J) Home to TokyoCalifornia wine valley
(K) Another name for a jackActress ___ Rachel Wood
(L) A cowboy's ropeA Greek mount
(M) Lead or iron, e.g.Deceased
(N) Relating to military on the seaVolcanic emission
(O) A shade of greenMalevolent
(P) Male sexual organA trigonometric function
(Q) Middle eastern countryPro ___: in proportion
(R) A type of raceIvy League school
(S) IntelligentA streetcar
(T) US President JohnDepend (on)
(U) Charles Dickens' HeepA follicle holds it
(V) Sound a car engine makesTo secure a boat
(W) LadiesPixar's lost fish
(X) Noble gasZero
(Y) Abominable snowmenLocation
(Z) A type of diodeActress Russo or philosopher Descartes

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