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Can you name the 5-letter words that begin with 'B' and end in 'E' from clues?

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Clue5-Letter B-E Word
Famed canyon in Utah
A swollen part projecting out
A light tan color
She fell in love with the Beast
Slang for alcoholic beverages
David who sang 'Space Oddity'
Pixar film featuring Merida
The capital of Idaho
Pump water from a boat
Italian lawn bowling
Actress Davis of 'All About Eve'
Cause to move or shift a bit
Daniel of the American frontier West
Brass instrument for waking the army
The pedal next to the accelerator
Famed Danish astronomer Tycho
An intensely burning fire
Count who was a jazz bandleader
Having no more money
Moisten the meat during cooking
Clue5-Letter B-E Word
An isolated hill with very steep sides
Hop in the tub to cleanse
Wesley Snipes vampire movie franchise
What a Girl Scout has on her sash
A major ecological community
Salt water
A fellow or chap, to a Brit
Female counterpart to the groom
The holy book of Christianity
Pressure-volume law discoverer Robert
A structural supporter, like for a back
A flat-bottomed boat for transporting goods
Caesar's final words: 'Et tu, ___?'
Find fault with or hold someone responsible
A frozen dessert of molded layered ice cream
Springsteen, the singer
Actress Lively of 'Gossip Girl'
A rounded loaf of bread
Offer money for silence or favors
Go on a giant overeating escapade

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