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Can you name the 6-letter words that if you remove their first letter B become a 5-letter word?

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6-Letter B Word ClueAnswer5-Letter Word Clue
A woman's shirtA unwanted hair pest
Make a gap in a wall or frontTouch by extending the hand
Super drunkA game related to bingo
Merry or lightheartedFlexible or graceful
Irk or annoyWill Ferrell's 'The __ Guys'
One who sells stocksToday Show's weatherman Al
Amorphously roundEntry area for a hotel
A painful foot problemA group for collective bargaining
A decorative braceletThis can be acute or obtuse
Part human part machineA type of Greek column
Moistener of baking meatA fall flower
McDonald's offeringOne who goads
Paper to vote withDole out
One goes nicely with mashRage
A Brit's expression of surpriseA Brit
Very intelligentThree left turns
Pozni scheme perpetrator MadoffBert's muppet roommate
A chemical in some detergentsTo give a speech
To slowly cook in liquidIncrease a poker bet
Wine-based alcoholSinger Newman or Travis

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