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Can you name the 5-letter words that contain 'ALL' in them from clues?

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Clue5-Letter ALL Word
God, in Islam
Relieve pain or calm
Film writer-director Woody
Small pathway behind or between buildings
Kate's TV Partner in the 1980s
Mete out
A metallic homogeneous mixture
Lighter form of bloody, for a Brit
Yellow-white lily
Dawdle or act playfully
Clue5-Letter ALL Word
Actress Berry of 'Monster's Ball'
Actor Adam of 'Happy Endings'
Muster forces to action or come from behind
Charlie Brown's little sister
Verb to express future surety
Actor Timothy who played Wormtail
A section of a stable or a restroom
A running total
When doubled, a city in eastern Washington
Cox who voiced Underdog or Beaver Cleaver's brother

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