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Can you name the words that have the patter _A_A_ with a different letter in the center each time?

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ClueWordWord Pattern
WWII group of female pilots from Down Under_AAA_
Fictional elephant in Jean de Brunhoff's books_ABA_
A long tailed colorful new world parrot_ACA_
System used for finding and displaying objects_ADA_
A joyous song of praise or tribute_AEA_
The villian in Disney's 'Aladdin'_AFA_
One who is areligious or polytheistic, usually_AGA_
Religion emphasizing spiritual unity of mankind_AHA'_
A lake or river nymph_AIA_
Pat who hosts 'Wheel of Fortune'_AJA_
The capital city of Senegal_AKA_
ClueWordWord Pattern
A collection of mixed greens with dressing_ALA_
The first name of Egyptian President Nasser_AMA_
Panama, Erie or Suez, e.g._ANA_
It's home to Kyoto and Tokyo_APA_
Unit for measuring the weight of a gemstone_ARA_
Like Fran Drescher's voice_ASA_
The 4th largest Hawaiian island_AUA_
Relating to a sea-based military_AVA_
A civilization from Mexico and Central America_AYA_
Director Elia of 'On the Waterfront'_AZA_

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