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Can you name the missing words from each of these things that contain a form of the word America?

Updated Jul 4, 2012

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America 'thing'WordExtra Info
America's Got ___TV 2006-Present
Sharon Osbourne
American ___Song 1971
Don McLean
Once Upon a ___ in AmericaMovie 1984
Robert De Niro
___ Americans Song 1975
David Bowie
America ___Actress born 1984
On 'Ugly Betty'
My ___ AmericansMovie 1996
James Garner
All-American ____Band 1999-Present
'Dirty Little Secret'
American ___TV 2002-Present
Simon Cowell
American ___Credit Card
Since 1958
America's ___Movie 2001
Julia Roberts
America, the ___Song 1895
Katharine Lee Bates
American ___!TV 2005-Present
Seth McFarlane
American ___Company Founded 1930
#113 on Fortune 500
American ___Musical 2009
Green Day
An American ___ in LondonMovie 1981
David Naughton
An American in ___Movie 1951
Leslie Caron
American ___Movie 1999
Kevin Spacey
American ___Song 1970
The Guess Who
American ___Movie 2003
Jason Biggs
American ___Movie 1973
Ron Howard
We're an American ___Song 1973
Grand Funk Railroad
An American ___Novel 1925
Theodore Dreiser
____ and Butt-head Do AmericaMovie 1996
Mike Judge
American ___Movie 2006
Hugh Grant
Team America: ___ PoliceMovie 2004
Trey Parker
America 'thing'WordExtra Info
American ___Song 1976
Tom Petty
American ___ XMovie 1998
Edward Norton
The Secret Life of the American ___TV 2008-Present
Shailene Woodley
___ in AmericaSong 1985
James Brown
American ___Novel 1991
Bret Easton Ellis
American ___Movie 2007
Denzel Washington
Wet Hot American ___Movie 2001
Janeane Garofalo
The American ___Movie 1995
Michael Douglas
American ___Novel 2001
Neil Gaiman
An American ___Animated Film 1986
Dom DeLuise
American ___Comics
Harvey Pekar
The ___ AmericanMovie 2002
Michael Caine
American ___Movie 1980
Richard Gere
American ___Painting 1930
Grant Wood
How to Make an American ___Novel 1991
Whitney Otto
The ___ American HeroTV 1981
William Katt
Knute ___, All AmericanMovie 1940
Ronald Reagan
Love, American ___TV 1969-1974
Guest star casts
___ in AmericaPlay 1993
Tony Kushner
___ AmericaSuperhero 1941
Kirby & Simon
___ to AmericaMovie 1988
Eddie Murphy
America's ___ Home VideosTV 1989-Present
Bob Saget
___ in AmericaSong 1981/1995
Kim Wilde/The Muffs
The ___ AmericanNovel 1958
Burdick & Lederer
___ of AmericaCorporation in NC
#13 on Fortune 500

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