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Can you name the word that has been removed from each chemical element?

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ElementMissing WordClue
____ESI__.357, e.g.
__TA__I__A marsupial
__R__A timely benefit
_E_M_NIU_About 28 make an ounce
SI__C__Animal with a mane
___IU_Apparatus to steer a ship
__NA__U_Barbarella director Roger
__U____EBritish 2 shilling coin
__P__RDeal with
_LU___UMDespot Idi
P__SPHO___Falcon-headed Egyptian god
ElementMissing WordClue
___K_LFrench riviera town
G_L_I__Graduate, for short
_C___IUMGrit at the beach
_U_F__Insulting remark
_____NESEJapanese comics
___ROG_NJekyll's alter ego
__OM___Ocean water
N_T__GE_Press clothes
___CIU_Serene and relaxed
C_L__I__Singer Lena

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