The Undiscovered Country 3

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Can you name the countries that have yet to be discovered in these phrases?

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A_G__R_IC   FU_CTI__'f(x) = 3x + 7', e.g.
AR__MENT   B_   ___LOGYLogical technique
__G__Former Nigerian capital
BECO_E   F_MI_I_R   __TH Get to know
_EHIND   T_E   C_R__I_Where Toto found the 'Wizard'
__I_DIN_   M_TE___LBrick, steel or wood, e.g.
H_NTER/_ILLE_   SUBM_R___Soviet naval vehicle class
__A_N   __TTERPropagating mail message
__NTE_P__ANE_U_Occuring at the same time
DAV_D   A__   GOL__THBattling Bibilcal pair
DELI_ER   __   _LTIM___MThreaten
D_A_   ___   QU_RTERDesecrate a body after death
___A_   DEM___Last reminder for a debt
_RU_T   _U_CEBreakfast drink
__OTHE___L   E_ERG_Sustainable power source
_ET   _   _EAD   __Take careful aim at
_N   ___GEClose enough to shoot
IR__H   WATE_   SP_NI__Breed of dog
KA_____Native American religious doll
LEA__N_   TOW__   OF   P_S_Italian tourist attraction
_ASS   __T_N_TI_NThe dinosaurs' fate
_ENT__   _EFECT__EN__SBad intellectual abnormality
_Y_CARDIAL   I_F_R_TI_NHeart attack
NO___PH____NAnimal favoring land or sea
OPPOR_____T_C_LLYIn a way to take advantage
OST_OPA___C   H_S__T_LAlternative health center
__L__DI_MMetallic chemical element
PRE_B_TE___NChristian denomination
__OUS_ND   _S____Type of salad dressing
_Q_ARE   ___CEVirginia Reel, e.g.

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