The Undiscovered Country II

Random Geography or country Quiz

Can you name the countries that have yet to be discovered in these phrases?

Updated May 23, 2016

How to Play
A___B___C_LLYDone like a trapeze artist
A_TR_NO_IC__   D_ST_NCE12 lightyears, e.g.
A_   L___   L_STFinally
BEYO_D   TH_   ___EUnacceptable or indecent
__A____I_'S   M_TENaval job classification
CAM__IDGE   __IV_RS_TYHome to Prof. Hawking
CAP____   CIT_Rome, e.g.
CHAN__  Y_U_  ALLE___NCESwitch to another side
__L_MY_IASexually-transmitted disease
FA__   _ND   S_UAREJust or honest
HI__R_AT_O_A wintry resting state
__E_NP_A__Environmental group
M_T___A__C   TU___Cause of malignant cancer
O_   Y_U_   ___En route
P__LIA___TAR__NFollower of Robert's rules
PE_C____ON   C_PAll-weather firearm innovation
P_AY   _T   __   E_RWait and decide later
RU___   _F   __E   R_ADGuidelines
SA_B_T_   B_E_K__GSkipping Sunday service, e.g.
__LTI_B_CC_Italian veal dish
SODOM   ___   GOM____HDestroyed Biblical cities
S___ISH   _R__DAFleet sent to invade England
_P_CT_OPHO___Fear of mirrors
S__T_ON   __GO_Long car model with rear door
_URFAC_   I_T__R__Stokes' Theorem concerns this
T___IM____LA letter of recommendation
_R_TH-____EStatement's veracity or falsity
___N___Prison guard
TYRA_NOS____SPrehistoric menace
WAL_ING   __C_CLOPEDI_Know-it-all

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