The Undiscovered Country

Random Geography or discovery Quiz

Can you name the countries that have yet to be discovered in these phrases?

Updated Mar 6, 2012

How to Play
AC_   _F   __DHurricane or earthquake, e.g.
AF____IST_NAsian country
____B_A_C_LLYDone via math with variables
___I_P__STYOpening arteries via balloon
BE_GAL   T____Feline found in Asia
___Z_AV_L_ERepublic of the Congo's capital
B_   TH_   SA_E   TOK__In a similar way
__I_   _N_   _BELBiblical brothers
C___N   REAC__ONAmerican TV game show
CL_____OPHOB__Fear of enclosed places
CO_N-OPE_AT_D   __U__RYWhere to do your wash
CO__FORM   _ACT____E. Coli, e.g.
___E   STE_KBeef tenderized by pounding
D_C   __RTE_SBootlike footwear
ELECT____G_ET_C   W_VEX-ray, e.g.
GREA_E   ____TActors' thick makeup
___GORIA_   C_LEN__RIt starts with January
H_N_Y   DAV_D   _HO___UWalden author
_ET   _IR_L__E747, e.g.
__   _RA__AT_Verdi Opera
___ACH_Book of the Old Testament
N__K__-__D-_IMELow paying
NO___   PR___Obama and Curie both won it
___K   _PBecome interested
___ICE   B___Radio frequency for cops
_UOT__ION   M__K''
RO__H-___-RE_DYCrude or unpolished
S__L_   __LKIdle chitchat
__ORN   _VI___CETestimony under oath

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