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Can you name the 6-letter word that can be made from a state abbreviation and a smaller word?

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State + Small word clueWordDefinition
Alabama + BirdExcuses
Arizona + Mined metalsPortuguese islands
Arkansas + PauseStop
California + Corn breadGangster Al
Colorado + ProtectionChicken
Delaware + Canadian tribeOrdain
Florida + SlimyWanton woman
Georgia + Stolen moneyFoolish person
Hawaii + Raise upKidnap
Idaho + 'The View' host LisaUnmoving
Illinois + For fear thatMost unhealthy
Indiana + Group of peersWrong
Kentucky + NonsenseRestraining element (UK)
Louisiana + Camp shelterDormant
Maine + DependHardly
State + Small word clueWordDefinition
Massachusetts + WomanSickness
Michigan + AngerDelusion
Missouri + Liver fluidKinetic sculpture
Nebraska + Relief expressionRelative
Ohio + SorcererResistance
Oklahoma + Yemeni capitalSkater Baijul
Oregon + friendBy the mouth
Pennsylvania + DeceasedSense of taste
Rhode Island + HairlessOffensive
South Carolina + 500 sheetsYell
Utah + Nearly allExtreme
Virginia + LeanEmpty
Washington + PartyIndiana river
Wisconsin + Lean-toHoped for
Wyoming + Ernest addresseeMythical animal

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