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Can you name the state giving a historically important governor from that state?

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Alf Landon1933-1937
Patrick Henry1776-1786*
Al Smith1919-1928*
Orval Faubus1955-1967
Bill Janklow1979-2003*
Rutherford B. Hayes1868-1877*
Edmund Muskie1955-1959
Jimmy Carter1971-1975
Janet Napolitano2003-2009
Jim Hunt, Jr.1977-2001*
A. B. 'Happy' Chandler 1935-1959*
Dick Bryan1983-1989
John Ashcroft1985-1993
Sarah Palin2006-2009
Cecil H. Underwood1957-2001*
George B. McClellan1878-1881
Howard Dean1991-2003
Tom Vilsack1999-2007
George Ariyoshi1974-1986
J. James Exon1971-1979
John Connally1963-1969
Thomas McKean1799-1808
Sam Houston1827-1829
Nellie Tayloe Ross1925-1927
John H. Sununu1983-1989
Ella Grasso1975-1980
Elbridge Gerry1810-1812
John Chafee1963-1969
Cecil D. Andrus1971-1995*
Marc Racicot1993-2001
Pierre S. du Pont, IV1977-1985
Ed Schafer1992-2000
Mike Leavitt1993-2003
Dick Lamm1975-1987
Mark Hatfield1959-1967
Adlai E. Stevenson II1949-1953
George Romney1963-1969
Gary Locke1997-2005
Spiro Agnew1967-1969
Earl Warren1943-1953
Gaylord Nelson1959-1963
Henry S. Foote1852-1854
Thomas A. Hendricks1873-1877
Jesse Ventura1999-2003
Edwin L. Mechem1951-1962*
George Wallace1963-1987*
Charles Pinckney 1789-1808*
David Boren1975-1979
Jeb Bush1999-2007
Earl Long1939-1960*

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