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Can you name the things that contain a type of flavor in them?

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Forced Order
Also try: 'K' Logos
Whitley Gilbert portrayer on 'A Different World'___ Guy
Nearly perfect, like a coin or car___ condition
He played Dr. Frank-N-Furter in 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'Tim ___
'Roots' actress who married Miles Davis___ Tyson
Album on which to find 'Scarborough Fair'___, Sage, Rosemary, and ...
Ron's ex and Parvati Patil's roommate in Gryffindor___ Brown
Dancer and Best Actress for 'Kitty Foyle'___ Rogers
Location of 1961 failed CIA Cuban mission___ of Pigs
Uniquely flavored soft drink since 1885Dr ___
Scout Finch's summer neighbor in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'___ Harris
Movie remake featuring (Penelope) Cruz and (Tom) Cruise___ Sky
Zane Grey's classic western novelRiders of the Purple ___
Marcie's best friend in the Peanuts comic___ Patty
Samuel L. Jackson's 'Star Wars' role___ Windu
John Cleese's hotelier___ Fawlty
Actress from the Golden Girls___ McClanahan
An oft-covered Neil Young song from 1970___ Girl
British food journalist famed for her 'Bites'___ Lawson
Long running PBS show with Big Bird___ Street
Edina's daughter on 'Absolutely Fabulous'___ Monsoon
Album on which to find 'Scarborough Fair'... Sage, Rosemary, and ___
Travolta's character in 'Get Shorty'___ Palmer
Australian actress on 'Without a Trace'___ Montgomery
Military man in Clue(do)Colonel ___
Nickname for ConnecticutThe ___ State
Alyson Hannigan's witchy role on Buffy___ Rosenberg
Roman Polanski film starring Mia Farrow___'s Baby
Peruvan soprano with an incredible rangeYma ___

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