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Can you name the 7-letter words that begin and end with the same two letters?

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Clue7-Letter Word
An alloy with mercury; a mixtureAM
A person from LuandaAN
Chronic lung disorders with wheezingAS
A native of Rio de Janiero; samba variantCA
Lower to an inferior level; break down chemicallyDE
Instructed in moral knowledge; informedED
Give action or spirit to; animateEN
Gets out of prison illegallyES
Asian spice also called blue gingerGA
A Japanese style charcoal grillHI
Diabetes-related pancreatic hormoneIN
A beach-filled section of San Diego (2 wds.)LA
Clue7-Letter Word
Easily deciphered, as handwritingLE
A person to be respected, like GandhiMA
The last planet in the solar systemNE
A golf club with a nearly vertical face (2 wds.)ON
To inhale and exhale airRE
This hides a bank robber's face (2 wds.)SK
The person you pay to do your hairdoST
Crisp, lustrous fabric for women's clothingTA
Wood-damaging insectTE
Largest city in CanadaTO
Clothing with slogans often (hyph.)TS
Not yet startedUN

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