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Can you name the words that are missing from the following Romeo & Juliet quotations given the speaker and scene?

Updated Jul 6, 2012

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Two ___ 
both alike in ___, 
In fair ___, 
where we lay our ___, 
From ___ grudge 
break to new ___, 
Where civil ___ makes 
civil ___ unclean. 
Romeo: Act I; Scene v
Did my ___ love till 
now? ___ it, sight! 
For I ___ saw  
true ___ 
till this ___. 
From forth the fatal ___ 
of these two ___, 
A ___ of 
___ lovers 
take their ___; 
Tybalt: Act I; Scene i
What, drawn, and ___ 
of ___! 
I ___ the word, 
as I hate ___, 
all ___, and thee. 
Mercutio: Act I; Scene iv
True, I talk of ___ 
Which are the ___ 
of an idle ___, 
Begot of ___ 
but vain ___, 
Romeo: Act II; Scene ii
But, ___! What 
___ through  
___ window breaks? 
It is the ___, and 
Juliet is the ___! 
Juliet: Act II; Scene ii
What's in a ___? 
That which we ___ 
a ___ by any other 
name would ___ 
as ___. 
Prince: Act V; Scene iii
For never was a ___ 
of more ___ 
Than this of ___ 
and her ___. 
Juliet: Act II; Scene ii
___ is such 
sweet ___ That I 
shall say ___ 
till it be ___. 
Mercutio: Act III; Scene i
A ___ o' both 
your ___! They 
have made ___ 
___ of me. 
Romeo: Act V; Scene iii
O true ___! 
Thy drugs are ___.  
-- Thus with a ___ 
I ___. 
Juliet: Act V; Scene iii
O, happy ___! 
This is thy ___; 
there ___, and 
___ me die. 
Romeo: Act II; Scene ii
Love goes ___ love, as 
___ from their books, 
but love from __, toward 
school with heavy ___. 
Juliet: Act I; Scene v
My only love ___ 
from my ___ hate! 
Too early seen ___, 
and known too ___. 
Mercutio: Act III; Scene i
Ask for me ___, 
and you shall ___ 
me a ___ man. 
Abraham: Act I; Scene i
Do you ___ your 
___ at us, Sir? 

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