Add an 'H' II

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Can you name the words that can have an 'H' added to them to make a new word?

Updated Oct 30, 2011

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Word before H ClueWordsWord with H Clue
ExistedQuestion asking word
Avarice, e.g.The tibia
A fastball or an old-school gunActress Locklear or Graham
V-shaped holder for animal food or waterFinished or completely
The ego, essentiallyA horizontal board for holding items
Alternative to a toupeeDefunct American political party
Making mistakesA small, often smoked, food fish
Flying Halloween animalWhat one takes in the tub
Gum, birch, or oak, e.g.Number of Stooges or wise men
A quick honk on the hornPart of a set of dentures
Of sound mindClassic Alan Ladd western
Silicate mineral that separates into layersOld testament book after Jonah
Galloped on a horseIsland in New England
Baked corn breadAlexander Graham Bell invention
Assenting votesUS President Rutherford
+Notably luxurious or rich
Director Jane of 'The Piano'The overall winner of the competition
Clean and tidyPoetically below
Former quarterback FlutieBread before baking
A small boat to pull a big oneHood or heavy

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