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Can you name the the words shared by this pair of movies?

Updated Nov 20, 2015

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Less Serious MovieMissing WordMore Serious Movie
___ and Lyrics___ of the Heart
___ Christmases___ Brothers
___ and SensibilityThe Sixth ___
___ Attacks!Ghosts of ___
Beauty and the ___Sexy ___
___ Pizza___ River
___ and DayThe Dark ___
___ AgeThe ___ Storm
My Fair ___The ___ Vanishes
The ___ Rose of CairoThe Color ___
Less Serious MovieMissing WordMore Serious Movie
Throw Momma from the ___Strangers on a ___
A ___ Called WandaPassion ___
___ At Bernie'sThe Lost ___
Die ______ Rain
The ___ to RioThe ___ Warrior
Cheaper by the ___The Dirty ___
___ and MainEnemy of the ___
True ___sex, ___, and videotape
My Big Fat Greek ___Monsoon ___
___ of the BrideIn the Name of the ___

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