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Can you name the two-word phrases whose words begin and end with the same letter?

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ClueTwo-word PhrasePattern
Location to purchase flats, clogs and heelsS__E S__E
Alternative phrase to Merry ChristmasH__Y H__Y
3rd highest US military decoration for valorS__R S__R
Field of Piet Mondrian and Wassily KandinskyA__T A__T
Oscar category for more brief documentariesS__T S__T
Actress who won her Oscar for 'Dead Man Walking'S__N S__N
This is the curds in curds and wheyC__E C__E
A legal case that excites widespread interestC__E C__E
Freudian term for avoiding pain and seeing joyP__E P__E
90's kid rap duo who sang 'Jump'K__S K__S
Sentimental weakness or vulnerable pointS__T S__T
23 degrees or 67 degrees but not 98 degrees, e.g.A__E A__E
You can use this or a loofah to wash your backB__H B__H
Nursery rhyme figure who lives on Drury LaneM__N M__N
ClueTwo-word PhrasePattern
Nickname of the Catskills for vacationing NYC JewsB__T B__T
Stunt & dare reality TV show hosted by Joe RoganF__R F__R
An undiscovered collection of gold, silver or other valuablesT__E T__E
Part of a federal or state judicial districtC__T C__T
Warehouse or external drive, e.g.S__E S__E
This is what Captain Ahab was searching forW__E W__E
Error in tennis if you step on the line during serveF__T F__T
An ill feeling or bitterness usually between two peopleB__D B__D
When a woman is expected to give birthD__E D__E
Coal, natural gas, or petroleum, e.g.F__L F__L
Another term for a perambulator or child strollerB__Y B__Y
He picked a peck of pickled peppersP__R P__R
Abilty to observe keenly or a Shia LaBeouf movieE__E E__E
Reproductive health care provider in the USP__D P__D

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