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Can you name the two-word phrases whose words begin and end with the same letter?

Updated Apr 16, 2012

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ClueTwo-word PhrasePattern
For many people, Monday to FridayW__K W__K
Tense seen here: 'He has eaten dinner'P__T P__T
Bok choy is an example of thisC__E C__E
Childhood challenge or kids' game showD__E D__E
Where players keep all their phone numbersB__K B__K
Mickey's long-term cartoon girlfriendM__E M__E
Fake, colored currency from a boardgameM__Y M__Y
Group for people with a drinking problemA__S A__S
'Grey's Anatomy' spin-off or doctor working soloP__E P__E
The proper address for the PopeH__S H__S
ClueTwo-word PhrasePattern
1917 event that overthrew the TsaristsR__N R__N
Baseball program for young childrenL__E L__E
A mysterious woman who leads men to dangerF__E F__E
Infamous Australian penal colony nicknameB__Y B__Y
18-wheeler or articulated lorryT__R T__R
Interjection that precedes 'great balls of fire'G__S G__S
A group of paid expert idea creatorsT__K T__K
Theory concerning the creation of the universeB__G B__G
Nickname for Florida on its license platesS__E S__E
Calling for people to speak 'yea' or 'nay'V__E V__E

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