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Can you name the following things that are also hexadecimal numbers?

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ClueWordDecimal Number Equivalent
Lincoln, for short2,750
Language named after Lovelace2,778
What did ewe say?2,986
'Maude' actress Arthur3,050
Apiary occupant3,054
Insensitive man3,245
JFK preceder 3,550
A young society woman3,563
'The ___ Four' : The Beatles4,011
Pet rocks, e.g.4,013
A government agent4,077
A cost incurred4,078
Israeli statesman Eban43,962
Still sleeping44,013
'Back in Black' band44,252
Rocked an exam44,269
Movie 'starring' a pig47,806
Part of a rosary48,813
Actress Neuwirth48,830
'Adam ___' by George Eliot48,862
Bovine flesh48,879
Small restaurant51,966
Singer Winans or Peniston52,942
ClueWordDecimal Number Equivalent
Freshwater fish56,014
Art movement of Jean Arp56,026
Consumed, like a battery57,005
Feat or exploit57,069
'___ homo' : Pontius Pilate60,622
13th Century Icelandic poem60,890
Pass the ball to a scorer65,261
Addis ___703,162
Performed a sum712,173
Yielded by treaty847,341
Part of Fred Flintstone's cry895,930
Low-test coffee912,559
Receded, like the tide965,613
Turned towards1,027,309
Lightened in the sun1,027,565
Took a taxi13,286,381
Touched lightly14,334,957
Ten years14,600,926
Clinton's press secretary Myers14,609,902
Mar the appearance of14,613,198
Make inconspicuous15,727,310
The front of a building16,435,934
Agreed to181,202,413

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