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Can you name the words that are missing from the following Hamlet quotations given the speaker and scene?

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Horatio: Act V: Scene ii
Now ___ 
a noble ___; 
good-night, ___ prince; 
and flights of ___ 
___ thee  
to thy ___. 
Hamlet: Act I: Scene ii
O, that this too too ___ 
___ would melt, 
___, and 
___ itself 
into a ___. 
Hamlet: Act I: Scene v
There are more ___ 
in ___ and earth, 
___, than are 
___ of in 
your ___. 
Hamlet: Act II: Scene ii
The ___ the thing 
wherein I'll ___ 
the ____ of  
the ___. 
Hamlet: Act V: Scene i
Alas! Poor ___. 
I ___ him, Horatio; 
a ___ 
of ___ jest, 
Marcellus: Act I: Scene iv
Something is ___ 
in the ___ 
of ___. 
Polonius: Act I: Scene iii
This ___ all - 
to ___ own self 
be ___;  
Hamlet: Act III: Scene i
To ___,  
___ to dream;  
- ay, there's the ___; 
Gertrude: Act III: Scene ii
The ___ doth 
___ too 
much, ___. 
Hamlet: Act III: Scene i
The fair ___! -Nymph,  
in thy ___ 
be all my sins ___. 
Hamlet: Act I: Scene iv
Angels and ___ of 
grace ___ us. 
Hamlet: Act II: Scene iv
I must be ___ 
___ to be kind. 
Claudius: Act I: Scene ii
Our sometime ___, 
now our ___. 
Hamlet: Act I: Scene ii
A little more than ___ 
and less than ___. 
Hamlet: Act III: Scene i
Get ___ to 
a ___! 
Polonius: Act I: Scene iii
Neither a ___ 
nor a ____ be: 
Hamlet: Act III: Scene i
When we have ___ 
off this mortal ___,  
Hamlet: Act I: Scene ii
___, thy 
name is ___. 
Polonius: Act II: Scene ii
Therefore, since ___ 
is the ___ of wit, 
Hamlet: Act V: Scene ii
The rest is ___. 

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