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Can you name the two-word phrases whose first word ends in the same two letters that the other word starts with?

Updated Mar 16, 2012

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CluePhraseMiddle of Phrase
A non-citizen unlawfully living in a country*AL AL*
Many believe one watches over each of us for protection*AN AN*
The 2nd amendment guarantees the right to do this in the US*AR AR*
A government-imposed maximum cost to buy a product*CE CE*
This is attached to the fob and the timepiece*CH CH*
The first of July, in Toronto, Vancouver and Saskatoon*DA DA*
A country must export more or import fewer things to eliminate this*DE DE*
The one of the Three Tenors who was raised in Mexico*DO DO*
Fish-eating bird usually of the genus Haliaeetus*EA EA*
A marketing technique of making only a few of a special version of a product*ED ED*
Environmentally-friendly power sources, like wind and solar*EN EN*
This is what you do manually in a manual transmission*GE GE*
A concussion is an example of this medical malady*IN IN*
She was the star of 'Murder, She Wrote' for 12 seasons*LA LA*
This national symbol is found on the Canadian flag*LE LE*
CluePhraseMiddle of Phrase
This is the Latin term for the college or school you attended*MA MA*
This line of longitude passes through Greenwich, England*ME ME*
Winner of more tennis top-level singles titles than any other player*NA NA*
Some coniferous trees have this green portion instead of a leaf*NE NE*
This is what class clowns do to disrupt classes*OF OF*
The heart or liver used in a transplant surgery*OR OR*
This type of bunny has very long, soft hair used for clothing*RA RA*
This is the longest tributary of the Mississippi*RI RI*
The Hawaiian delicacy of poi is made out of this when mashed*RO RO*
This describes a password reader that cares about capital letters*SE SE*
This course usually arrives just before the sushi gets to the table*SO SO*
This scary tale is often told around a campfire at night*ST ST*
In science, this is what the Kelvin scale measures*TE TE*
A usually anonymous letter or phone call about impendingly killing a person*TH TH*
This specific part of speech can take a direct object*VE VE*

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