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Can you name the element missing from these phrases and terms?

Updated Mar 6, 2012

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___ enemaX-ray contrast test to see the colon
nine ___Niblick
___ blueBrilliant classic color of glass
___ satelliteComponent of near-space network
buffalo ___American coin from 1913-1938
___ albumRecord that sold 1,000,000 units
Tod and ___The Fox and the Hound
'___ Bells'Popular Christmas carol
black ___Texas tea
Project ___First US manned space program
___ sidingAlternative to shingles
___ copyDuplicate e-mail sent to others
___ ValleyHome to the computer industry
___ Pan AlleyMusic publishers and composers
pencil ___Graphite
___ narcosisConfusion from deep-sea diving
'___ and Old Lace'Commonly performed HS Play
___ barTrendy health fad location
___ bleachClorox, e.g.
tincture of ___Old-school disinfectant
___ balloonFloating party decoration
'The ___ Bible'John Kennedy Toole's first book
___ batteryIt powers most laptops
___ SpringsVolcanic tourist attraction

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