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Can you name the four-letter words more often seen in crosswords than real life?

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Lawman Wyatt
Lower border of a roof
Black, in poetry
River in Spain
___ homo
Color of undyed linen
Dutch cheese
Ancient Norse poem
Biblical garden
Similar to a snakelike fish
A mild oath
Protective shield
Island of exile for Napoleon
Long German/Czech river
Relating to K-12
Director Kazan
Foes of the Morlocks
Hebrew month
Mideastern leader
Plus-sized model
TV Award
Oklahoma city
Organic compound
Son of Seth
Plenty, archiacally
Fencing weapon
Part of Q.E.D.
A Great Lake
Ireland in poetry
Perry's creator
Sea bird
Cupid's counterpart
Gaelic tongue
Formerly, formerly
Biblical twin
Salinger dedicatee
Anglo-Saxon laborer
To be, to Tiberius
Bygone gasoline station
Italian dynastic house
Sicilian volcano
British prep school
To be, in Toulouse
Sewing notions case
Jane ___

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