Note-worthy Words

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Can you name the 6-letter words that begin with notes of the scale?

Updated Mar 11, 2013

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Robert ___, Jr. of 'Iron Man' 
Situated on one's back 
Make squiggles on paper 
A black tile with white dots 
A serving of whipped cream 
A medical cure 
American patriot Paul 
French painter Auguste 
Cash for catching an outlaw 
A gadget to change channel 
Champagne-based cocktail 
60 seconds 
A small fish 
Distress or suffering 
A glove without fingers 
A relative of the hawk 
2 or 5, for 10 
A unit of 6 feet 
Cloth material 
Defective or imperfect 
Metallic alloy for joining 
Alleviation of grief 
Salt in salt water 
Serious or gloomy 
You, when answering clues 
MacBook or ThinkPad, e.g. 
Major British party 
Person who passes the Bar 
Tool for climbing 
Make suds 
The Beatles' '___ to Ride' 
16th century Italian painter 
Kleenex, e.g. 
A long, harsh speech 
Glittery X-mas tree covering 
Hit worth two bases 
Obedient or easily trained 
An incompetent person 
One of Santa's reindeer, e.g. 

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