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Can you name the 4-letter words in this currency themed word ladder?

Updated Jan 4, 2014

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Clue4-Letter Word
$ Money in France $
Finnish architect Saarinen
One showing great courage
A group of cattle
Difficult or stiff
Mary of 'Entertainment Tonight'
'___-Time Lover'
Not the present or future
An irksome person
$ Money in Mexico $
A kiss, in Spanish
Better than better
Ernie's muppet roommate
Homer Simpson's son
$ Money in Thailand $
Preceders of humbugs
Pubs or saloons
Epstein-___ Virus
$ Money in Ethiopia $
Cardinal or woodpecker, e.g.
Tie up with string
A rock group
$ Money in South Africa $
Pushed the doorbell
Relative of 'Rats!'
$ Money in Vietnam $
All finished
Have a meal
A place to dig up coal
Clue4-Letter Word
Ear-biting boxer Tyson
___-a-Wish Foundation
'___ This Job and Shove It'
$ Money in Bangladesh $
$ Money in Samoa $
A story or falsehood
A human that is XY
A win, in chess
WWI spy '___ Hari'
An informal UK goodbye
Russian pop duo
$ Money in Vanuatu $
Large tubs
$ Old Money in Latvia $
A Scottish girl
'___ Than Zero'
Focusing device
Swedish Indie pop singer Lekman
Late comic Richard
Yoda or Luke Skywalker, e.g.
$ Money in Ghana $
Yield, by treaty
George Eliot's 'Adam ___'
Wait awhile
For real: 'Bona ___'
Metal tool for smoothing
Tripped or stumbled
Pool table covering
Clue4-Letter Word
Act of daring
Blown-out tire
Union Jack, e.g.
Kill, in a video game
Move a computer icon
$ Money in Armenia $
Streetcar or wagon
Suns or the Mets, e.g.
A sewed joint
Chair or stool, e.g.
Posted a letter
No longer straight
Swingless hit
The litter's smallest
Ancient character
TV's 'Name that ___'
Starkist's canned fish
$ Money in Croatia $
$ Money in Papua New Guinea $
Nerys of 'Deep Space 9'
$ Money in Turkey $
Dr. Zhivago's love
$ Money in Georgia $
Loughlin of 'Full House'
$ Money in Lesotho $
Indian bread
'Portnoy's Complaint' author Philip
What a caterpillar becomes
Suffragist Lucretia
Clue4-Letter Word
Shed hair or feathers
Schmidt of the NHL
Martyred gay rights advocate Harvey
Worm-derived fabric
Be moodily silent
Incredible and green one of the comics
Hawaiian dance
$ Money in Botswana $
Opposite of push
'Birth control ___'
Skin, in Spanish
$ Money in Cambodia $
$ Money in Iran $
$ Money in Brazil $
Heidi Klum's musician husband
Actor Penn or Astin
Bring forth a lamb
$ Money in China $
Coffee icon Valdez
Belgian actor, ___-Claude Van Damme
Cruel or unkind
Lament or wail
Red-colored horse
'Green Lantern' actor Reynolds
Douglas of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'
$ Money in Myanmar $

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