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Can you name the words and phrases that contain the word 'color'?

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ClueColor Phrase
Pulitzer-winner for Alice Walker
A movie about LA gangs with Sean Penn and Robert Duvall
Oscar-winner for Paul Newman
Singers of 'I'm Gonna Sex You Up'
Wayans-produced sketch show
Toys of thin vinyl objects that stuck to a cardboard background to make a scene
Song from Disney's Pocahontas
Cyndi Lauper hit of 1986
The common term for Daltonism
A military subgroup that carries the appropriate flags
The interest or flavor of a particular place imparted by the customs and sights peculiar to it
Inappropriate, like a dirty joke
1960's NBC Sunday night staple hosted by Mickey Mouse's creator
An early film process used to make vibrant two- and three-toned films
What children use crayons in
Ace a test: 'pass with ___ ___'
ClueColor Phrase
Red paint, vis-a-vis green paint
Posthumously published Dr. Seuss book
Math principle relating to tinting the contiguous regions on a map
Animal found in the city of Oz
Joseph wore one of these
Roman-a-clef about the Clinton campaign
James Weldon Johnson's fictional novel of a biracial man
An idealist sees the world through these
Painting method with gum arabic as the binder
A 1994 Thriller with Bruce Willis
Richard Nelson Bolles book on job hunting and interviewing
Guided method of painting
Streisand album from 1966
David Bramstad home design show
Like a Hubble Space Telescope image that depicts hues unlike reality, e.g.
1975 Ntozake Shange play being made into a movie by Tyler Perry [Yes, it is 12 words long]

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