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Can you name the 6-letter words that all start with the letters CAN?

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Clue'CAN' Word
A Vancouver hockey player
A small, usually yellow, finch
Annul or destroy
Savory appetizer served on bread or toast
An open ulcerous sore
Mexican resort city
A fabricated story or groundless rumor
Sign of the Zodiac in July
A person from Cambridge
What sails and tents are made out of
Cooking oil from the rapeseed
Frank or open
An Offenbach-inspired dance
An awning or overhang
Unable to
Weapon to fire balls
A deep narrow valley with steep sides
Danish King of England from 1016-1035
Ancient name for the Palestine region
At Synagogue, he leads everyone in prayer
Relating to dogs
Wicked waxy light source
French film festival location
Home to Ottawa and Medicine Hat

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