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Can you name the 6-letter words that all start with the letters CAN?

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Clue'CAN' Word
Sign of the Zodiac in July
Unable to
An Offenbach-inspired dance
Weapon to fire balls
What sails and tents are made out of
Danish King of England from 1016-1035
Annul or destroy
Relating to dogs
Cooking oil from the rapeseed
A deep narrow valley with steep sides
An open ulcerous sore
Mexican resort city
At Synagogue, he leads everyone in prayer
A person from Cambridge
French film festival location
Savory appetizer served on bread or toast
Wicked waxy light source
A Vancouver hockey player
Ancient name for the Palestine region
Home to Ottawa and Medicine Hat
An awning or overhang
Frank or open
A small, usually yellow, finch
A fabricated story or groundless rumor

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