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Can you name the item that goes before OR after the one given in a list?

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AnneEnglish monarch
BrazilPopulous country
CrashOscar Best Picture
DueItalian number
EclipseMeyer book
FloridaUS State by area
GrandeStarbucks size
HicksAmerican Idol
InnocentSue Grafton book
JackmanOscars host
KennedyUS President
LockhartHP D.A.D.A. teacher
McConaughey'Sexiest Man Alive'
NadalAustralian Open
OxChinese zodiac
QuintillionPower of 1,000
RavensSuper Bowl champ
Swans12 Days of XMas
ThunderballBond film
UranusPlanets by orbit
VirgoZodiac sign
XenonNoble gas
YankeeRadio alphabet
ZechariahOld Testament

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