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Can you name the longer word that can be made by adding A to Z to the beginning of the shorter word?

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Letter & Short ClueLonger WordLonger Clue
A + SteedQuantity
B + Additional or differentIrk
C + Falcon-headed godA company of singers
D + Rooflike cover over a door or windowAppearing or developing
E + Fall flowerPaschal religious observance
F + StiffVery cold
G + EnigmaA flat metal surface for cooking
H + Octet's countAltitude
I + Formation of tooth materialA driver's license or passport, e.g.
J + Anointing with oilA place or point where things meet
K + New age Irish singerAfrican country
L + Type of snakeRunged item
M + Not having repeated musical melodiesRelating to the science of numbers
N + BrownEther or novocaine, e.g.
O + A meeting to arouse enthusiasmDone with the mouth
P + AngryNaval marauder
Q + A video game companyA person from Doha
R + Make happyShow logical connections between
S + Sound of guffawsThe act of killing
T + 1920's gangster's weaponWhere one goes to see a play
U + A black-furred weaselPractical to employ on a task
V + Ewok planetSeller
W + PermitFeel sorry for yourself
X + Queen Victoria's daughter and King Alfonso XIII's wifeLawless warrior princess
Y + Compass directionIt makes breads rise
Z + Type of fragrant organic moleculeKitchen tool to remove lemon rind

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