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Can you name the words and phrases that have apples in them?

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ClueApple Term
A cartilage-based projection of the larynx that can be seen on the neck
Card game with nouns that get judged for points based on adjectives
An influence that is no good or a Chris Noth movie
An expression for the person you care for more than any other
Makers of the iPod, iTunes, and the Macintosh
The nickname for New York City, or Buenos Aires according to 'Evita'
The first child of Gwyneth Paltrow that almost sounds like a cocktail
This is a term for a suck-up or toady, usually at school
This is an expression for when people describe kids who are like their parents
Kids' PBS science series or gravitational inspiration
Singer of the Grammy-award winning song 'Criminal'
A Halloween activity that features a large basin of water
Actress who became big on 'Married... with Children' before 'Samantha Who?'
In making things more difficult, one has supposedly upset this vehicle
An old term for a tomato, from its possible aphrodisiac properties
ClueApple Term
This supposedly keeps the doctor away, in the old adage
Wisconsin town or Larry's surname on 'Perfect Strangers'
Glenn Miller staple featuring the line 'with anyone else but me'
The label that the Beatles created to distribute most of their albums
Mr. Chapman, the famous planter and conservationist's nickname
A term to describe people who have very reddish faces, ususally children
Puréed fruit side dish that goes well with pork chops or ham
Live action Disney film featuring Tim Conway and Don Knotts
This dessert is the prototypical example of something that is very American
A 'colorful' dessert that is similar to a cobbler and a bread pudding
The awarding of this as a prize led to the Trojan war, mythologically speaking
A thick brown spread made from cooking down fruit with sugar and spice
Cinnamon-flavored fruity Kellogg's cereal since 1965
A restaurant chain based in Lenexa, KS featuring mainstream American cuisine
Another name for a Jerusalem artichoke or for a potato

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