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What animal can be split in two to make words meaning 'a role' and 'a range of hills'
What animal has the same consonants in order, but different vowels, as a tobacco product
What animal becomes a word meaning to pierce with a pointy object if you change its final letter
What animal is an anagram of 5-letter verb meaning to solder together metal pieces
What animal Spoonerizes into a phrase that sounds like two hats from a Magritte painting
What animal is a word meaning consumed inside a word meaning a lion's hair
What animal becomes the first name of Spock's portrayer if its middle letter is changed
What animal becomes a verb meaning to give a boost to if you swap two of its letters
What animal becomes a Kurasawa film if you remove its double double letters
What animal becomes a word meaning to be very sorry for if you add an 'R' in front of it
What animal becomes what one hits with a hammer if the first letter moves to the end
What animal becomes a metabolic joint disease if you remove its first and last letters
What animal becomes a word meaning a layer when you remove its middle letter
What animal can be read backwards to make a word meaning to move in a stream
What animal becomes an illict drug if you add an 'I' into it
What animal sounds like a word meaning to rotate if you remove its first 2 sounds
What animal becomes a color if you convert its two T's into two P's
What animal becomes a religious figure if you removes its last letter
What animal has the same cryptogram pattern as the word 'progress'
What animal is a homophone of what a banshee often does

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