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Can you name the 4-letter words that if you add the specified letter to the beginning you get a 5-letter word?

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Letter + 4-Letter Clue5-Letter Word5-Letter Clue
A + AdorableAn angle of less than 90 degrees
B + A burdenExtra salary or an exam question to put you over 100%
C + Canadian band of 'Tom Sawyer'To squeeze by force
D + 7th Avatar of VishnuComedy's theatrical partner
E + One of the Great LakesMysterious or strange
F + An old-school stringed instrumentA keyed woodwind instrument
G + The smallest of the litterA low-level soldier or a sound a hog makes
H + Your uncle's wifeTo inhabit a house, like a ghost
I + It can preceed 'dunk' or follow 'grand'Sunni is one of its sects
J + Uncertain or unreliableA moment or quick period of time
K + River vehicle for Huck FinnMaker of food products like Macaroni and Cheese
L + A human's 'energy field'George W. Bush's wife
M + Eurasian mountain rangeA large wall painting
N + 43,560 square feetMother-of-pearl
O + A region or areaGas that absorbs UV light in the atmosphere
P + One-twelfth of a footTweak a cheek with your fingers
Q + Partially open, like a doorPersian dynasty from 1785 to 1925
R + Australian flightless birdsUncle of 'Brer Rabbit' fame
S + CriedUsed a broom
T + Sandwich bread optionGiant creature that can live under a bridge
U + Part of a mosaicValuable to accomplish a purpose
V + Leave out or disregardThrow up
W + Middle-Eastern countryOne with XX chromosomes
X + Primordial Big Bang substanceVessels with the phloem in a tree
Y + Make moneyDesire or want
Z + Cupid's Greek counterpartA googol has a hundred of them

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