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In this language and writing system, the tav (ת) represents 400
This company's 8-bit 400 was their first entry into the home computer market in 1979, released shortly after their 2600 game system
In the year 400, St. Anastasius I held this title
This country has won 18 Olympic gold medals in the 400 metre hurdles event
These are the only two prime factors of 400
A circle is divided into 400 of this unit
This is how 400 is expressed in Roman Numerals
400 is 190 in this base system
Vierhundert is 400 in this language
King's Highway 400 connects Nobel to Toronto in this Canadian province
The Coke Zero 400 is held each July at this International Speedway
This NHL player was the fastest to reach 400 goals, doing so in his first 436 games
The François Truffaut film 'Les Quatre Cent Coups' translates to this in english
This is the last MLB player to end a season with an average over 0.400
This Penn State football coach is the only in NCAA Div. I to reach 400 victories
This quarterback, has had 15 400-yard games, all with the Miami Dolphins
This Yankee was the youngest player to reach 400 home runs
This version of the bible celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2011
This is the square root of 400
This structure, the first over 400 feet tall, was the world's tallest from c. 2570 BCE to about 1311 AD

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