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Can you name the 4-letter words that if you add an 'O' at the end you get a 5-letter word?

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4-Letter ClueAnswer + O5-Letter Clue
Chandler of 'Friends'Dog's name in a kids song
A water pipeA type of hand drum
Arrived at the partyA bit part in a movie
Lean or tiltA division of a long poem
The simplest unit of lifeA stringed instrument
Burn to black'Cuchi-cuchi' celebrity
FashionableOne of the Marx Brothers
Actress CameronA class of organic dyes
A dent on a carBaby-eating dog
Equipment for ultimateLate 70's music genre
UnintelligentDisney's flying elephant
Quod ___ demonstrandumOne of the 9 Muses
ClothingSilent star Greta
A strong windVigor or enthusiasm
A stringed instrumentOprah's production company
4-Letter ClueAnswer + O5-Letter Clue
Shed an outer layerMuch, in musical directions
Early feminist LucretiaA slogan
A type of beanBrit band '___ Jerry'
An annoying personBasil-based sauce
Part of a quartA type of bean or horse
A strategyCity near Dallas, TX
Proper and staidTop-notch
Major HS DanceAn advertising blub
Leave your jobEcuador's capital
Wedding adornmentA Beatle
Was on a horsePlace to be on a horse
Italian capitalJuliet's love
A British WWII gunAn office transcriber
Orange-y NASA drinkAn Argentine dance
High craggy hillsMain body portion

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