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Well, she's so soft, she's so blue When he looks into her eyes, he just sits back and sighs
Down on the boardwalk they're gettin ready for a fight Gonna see what them racket boys can do
And somebody said, 'Hey man, did you see that? His body hit the street with such a beautiful thud'
Me and my partner Sonny built her straight out of scratch And he rides with me from town to town
But your eyes go blind and your blood runs cold Sometimes I feel so weak I just want to explode Explode and tear this town apart
Some brimstone baritone anti-cyclone rolling stone preacher from the east He says: 'Dethrone the dictaphone, hit it in its funny bone, that's where they expect it least'
Shell let you in her heart If you got a hammer and a vise
And my love just grows stronger And the fever gets so bad at night
Through the mansions of fear, through the mansions of pain, I see my daddy walking through them factory gates in the rain
Did you hear the cops finally busted Madame Marie for tellin' fortunes better than they do
Endless juke joints and Valentino drag where dancers scraped the tears up off the streets dressed down in rags Running into the darkness, some hurt bad, some really dying
you gotta live it every day Let the broken hearts stand As the price youve gotta pay
I got in a little hometown jam And so they put a rifle in my hands Sent me off to Vietnam
I had a jukebox graduate for first mate, she couldn't sail but she sure could sing
The blood rushes in my veins fire rushes towards the sky We go driving driving deep into the night
And don't call for your surgeon even he says it's too late It's not your lungs this time, it's your heart that holds your fate
for my nineteenth birthday I got a union card and a wedding coat
Heaven's waiting on down the tracks Oh-oh come take my hand We're riding out tonight to case the promised land
And your cloud line urges me, and my electric surges free Crawl into my ambulance, your pulse is getting weak
Goodnight, it's alright, Jane Now let them black boys in to light the soul flame We may find it out on the street tonight, baby Or we may walk until the daylight, maybe
Well Billy slammed on his coaster brakes and said anybody wanna go on up to Greasy Lake
Broadway Mary, Joan Fontaine, advertiser on a downtown train Christmas crier bustin' cane, he's in love again.
Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight and I'm going to drink till I get my fill And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it but I probably will
Slow dancing in the dark on the beach at Stockton's Wing Where desperate lovers park we sat with the last of the Duke Street Kings
All of the old faces ask you why you're back They fit you with position and the keys to your daddy's Cadillac In the darkness of your room your mother calls you by your true name
LyricsSong Title
Now, baby, evrything dies, honey, that's a fact but baby everything that dies someday comes back
What if what you do to survive Kills the things you love Fear's a powerful thing, baby It can turn your heart black you can trust
There's a little cafe where they play guitars all night and day You can hear them in the back room strummin'
Roy Orbison singing for the lonely Hey that's me and I want you only Don't turn me home again I just can't face myself alone again
Baby, tie your hair back in a long white bow Meet me in the fields behind the dynamo
And the world is busting at its seams And you're just a prisoner of your dreams Holding on for your life `cause you work all day
I think I really dug her 'cause I was too loose to fake I said, 'I'm hurt.' She said, 'Honey let me heal it'.
At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet And a freight train running through the Middle of my head Only you can cool my desire
Now all them things that seemed so important Well mister they vanished right into the air
I heard somebody call your name from underneath our willow I saw something tucked in shame underneath your pillow
They declared me unfit to live said into that great void my soul'd Be hurled
In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway american dream At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines
Everybody needs a place to rest Everybody wants to have a home Don't make no difference what nobody says Aint nobody like to be alone
Jack the Rabbit and Weak Knees Willie you know they're gonna be there Ah Sloppy Sue and Big Bones Billy they'll be comin' up for air We're gonna play some pool skip some school act
I can't say that Im sorry for the things that we done At least for a little while sir me and her we had us some fun
The highway is alive tonight But nobody's kiddin' nobody about where it goes
Downtown the store's alive As the evening's underway Things been a little tight But I know they're gonna turn my way
Everybody's got a secret, Sonny, Something that they just can't face, Some folks spend their whole lives trying to keep it, They carry it with them every step that they take.
He was born a little baby on the Appalachian Trail At six months old he'd done three months in jail
And I said, 'Hey kid, you think that's oil? Man, that ain't oil, that's blood'
And tonight you'll try just one more time To leave it all behind and to break on through Oh she can take you, but if she wants to break you She's gonna find out that ain't so easy
She has fancy clothes and diamond rings She has men who'll give her anything she wants but they don't see That what she wants is me, oh and I want her so
The midnight gang's assembled And picked a rendezvous for the night They'll meet 'neath that giant Exxon sign That brings this fair city light
With the eyes of one who hates for just being born For all the shut-down strangers and hot rod angels Rumbling through this promised land
And all we gotta do is hold up our end Here stuff this in your pocket It'll look like you're carrying a friend

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