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I'm sorry... Catchphrase of the Tenth Doctor
Hold on, if you're an alien, how comes it sounds like you're from the North?Rose
You fought it off... with a water pistol!The Fires of Pompeii
No second chances...The Christmas Invasion
Then came Torchwood and the war. That's when it all ended. This is the story of howArmy of Ghosts
Daleks say...Catchphrase of Daleks
Cybermen say...Catchphrase of Cybermen
Judoon platoonSmith and Jones
If it's any consolation, Valerie, right nowGridlock
The Angels are coming for you, but listen—your life could depend on this—Blink
What 'YANA' stands forUtopia
For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I'm not. I'm the winner! That's who I am:The Waters of Mars
Go to your room! Go to your room! I mean it. I'm very, very angry with you. I'm very, very cross!The Doctor Dances
You are tiny. I can see the whole of time and space. Every single atom of your existenceThe Parting of the Ways
I'm the Doctor; I'm worse than The Eleventh Hour

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