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Nationality, LifeDiplomatNotable Fact
Austrian, 1773-1859Major figure at Congress of Vienna
American, 1706-1790Convinced France to help a fledgling America
British, 1838-1922Greatly strengthened Anglo-American ties
American, 1888-1959Eisenhower's Secretary of State who pioneered the policy of Brinkmanship
Savoyard, 1753-1821Proponent of hierarchical authority and divine providence
Swedish, 1905-1961Second Secretary-General of the United Nations
American, 1838-1905Secretary of State responsible for the Open Door Policy and building the Panama Cannal
Italian, 1469-1527Author of The Prince and Florentine diplomat
American, 1807-1886Prevented British recognition of the Confederacy
Prussian, 1815-1898Architect of the German Empire
English, 1471-1530Chief advisor to Henry VIII
American, b. 1923Pioneered the policy of d├ętente with the USSR
Nationality, LifeDiplomatNotable Fact
German, 1893-1946Hitler's Foreign Minister
Russian, 1890-1986Signatory of the Nazi-Soviet pact, of cocktail fame
Japanese, 1877-1964Ambassador to the US during the attack on Pearl Harbor
French, 1754-1838Dubbed the 'Prince of Diplomats'
French, 1518-1581Advanced unity of Protestant churches for the Elector of Saxony
Vietnamese, 1911-1990Key figure at he Paris Peace Accords
Burmese, 1909-1974Third Secretary-General of the United Nations
American, 1900-1965US Ambassador to the United Nations during the Cuban Missile Crisis
Russian, 1909-1989Longtime Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Soviet Union
Flemish, 1577-1640Baroque painter knighted by England and Spain
British, 1769-1822Managed the coalition that defeated Napoleon
Israeli, 1915-1981Israeli Foreign Minister for the Camp David Accords

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