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What the test measuresTestClue
Whether a relation is a functionSometimes involves a pencil
If machines can thinkLike the fictional Voigt-Kampff test
Readiness for collegeThe letters don't stand for anything
Personality structure and psychopathologyIs partly named for a state
Effectiveness, yield, and explosive capability of a certain type of weaponsFirst one was July 16, 1945
Safety of automobilesInvolves dummies
Stability of a given systemCan be done on software, financial systems, or buildings
Whether two individuals have a biological parent-child relationshipMale version
Self-AwarenessGreat apes, dolphins, and elephants are among the animals to have passed
What the test measuresTestClue
IntelligenceInvented by a French psychologist and revised by Lewis Terman at a California University
Physiological and biochemical stateA+ isn't the best result
Whether data follows a normal distributionType the word test for this one
Personality characteristics and emotional functioningInkblots
Ability to operate a motor vehicleAdministered from the DMV
Qualifications of a person to be a diplomat for the United StatesReportedly one of the hardest tests
Acidity of a substanceAlso a political term
An individual's ability to practice law in a given districtLawyers...
Whether or not a woman is gestatingLooks for hCG

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