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LetterTermWhen its used
ABest starter on the staff
BA pitch out of the strike zone
CHitting a single, double, triple, and homer
DGetting two outs on one play
EDefensive mistake allowing a runner to get on base
FWhen a fielder can choose who he wants to get out
GHitting a home run with the bases loaded
HHitting the ball out in fair territory
IThere are 9 of these in a game
JA nickname for steroids
KPitch thrown by gripping the ball with the knuckles
LA teams batter order and positions
MThe hill a pitcher pitches from
LetterTermWhen its used
NWhen a pitcher doesnt allow a hit but walks a person
OThe next person that is up to bat
PA hitter who enters the game for another hitter during the game
QWhen a player might not play the next game
RWhen a player crosses home plate
SWhen a runner is on 2nd or 3rd
TWhen a team gets 3 outs on one play
UA person who plays many positions
VA player who has played for a long time
WReaching base when getting 4 balls
XWhen a player gets an MRI they get this
YTeam with 27 World Championships
ZThe Strike ___ is the area where a pitcher can throw the ball and it is a strike

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