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Family Matters is a spinoff of this show
The show takes place in this city
The show centers around a family with this last name
This was Carl's profession
Steve Urkel's middle initial (need a period after letter)
Name the family aunt who lived with the family
Name the nephew/cousin who lived with the family
Steve's favorite music is from this genre
Grandma Estelle married a man with this first name
This was the youngest of the family's children
Towards the end of the show, the family took in a boy by this name
Steve's female cousin, who loved Eddie, was from this southern city
Name Laura's best female friend
Name Eddie's best male friend
Laura once dates a guy by this name, who spreads a false rumor about her
This is Steve's girlfriend for much of the show
First name of Carl's wife
For many years, the show aired on a block of shows with this name
Who is the oldest child in the family
This is Steve's alter ego, after going through a transformation machine

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