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Strikeouts/ YearsPlayerTeam(s)
5,714/ 1966-1993Mets, Angels, Astros, Rangers
4,875/ 1988-2009Expos, Mariners, Diamondbacks, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Giants
4,672/ 1984-2007Red Sox, Blue Jays, Yankees, Astros, Yankees
4,136/ 1965-1988Cardinals, Phillies, Giants, White Sox, Indians, Twins
3,701/ 1970-1992Twins, Rangers, Pirates, Indians, Twins, Angels
3,640/ 1967-1986Mets, Reds, Mets, White Sox, Red Sox
3,574/ 1966-1988Dodgers, Astros, Brewers, A's, Angels, Dodgers
3,534/ 1962-1983Giants, Indians, Rangers, Padres, Rangers, Yankees, Braves, Mariners, Royals
3,508/ 1907-1927Senators
3,371/ 1986-2008Cubs, Braves, Cubs, Dodgers, Padres, Dodgers
3,342/ 1964-1987Braves, Yankees, Indians, Blue Jays, Braves
3,192/ 1965-1983Phillies, Cubs, Rangers, Red Sox, Rangers, Cubs
3,154/ 1992-2009Dodgers, Expos, Red Sox, Mets, Phillies
3,117/ 1959-1975Cardinals
3,116/ 1988-2007Orioles, Astros, Phillies, Diamondbacks, Red Sox
3,084/ 1988-2009Braves, Red Sox, Cardinals
2,855/ 1955-1971Tigers, Phillies, Pirates, Dodgers, Phillies
2,832/ 1963-1978Tigers, Mets, Padres
2,813/ 1991-2008Orioles, Yankees
2,803/ 1890-1911Spiders, Perfectos, Red Sox, Naps, Rustlers
2,773/ 1973-1993Angels, Red Sox, Rangers, Tigers, Mets, Yankees
2,668/ 1986-2003Royals, Mets, Blue Jays, Royals, Blue Jays, Yankees, Red Sox, Mets
2,610/ 1986-2002Angels, Indians, Cardinals
2,607/ 1987-2008Braves, Mets, Braves
2,583/ 1942-1965Braves, Mets, Giants
2,581/ 1936-1956Indians
2,564/ 1880-1893Trojans, Metropolitans, Giants, Phillies
2,556/ 1967-1985Mets, Twins, White Sox, Phillies
2,536/ 1998-presentExpos, Yankees, Diamondbacks, White Sox, Braves, Yankees, Marlins
2,502/ 1900-1916Giants, Reds
2,486/ 1956-1969Dodgers
2,478/ 1977-1994Tigers, Twins, Blue Jays, Indians
2,464/ 1984-1999Mariners, Expos, Angels, Padres, Indians
2,461/ 1959-1983Twins, White Sox, Phillies, Yankees, Cardinals
2,453/ 1961-1975Indians, Giants, Yankees, Pirates
2,416/ 1964-1982Indians, Twins, Red Sox, Yankees, Pirates, Angels
2,405/ 1986-2010Cubs, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, Red Sox, Mariners, Phillies
2,401/ 1975-1998Indians, Red Sox, Cubs, A's, Cardinals, Red Sox
2,397/ 1986-2005Rangers, Orioles, Marlins, Padres, Dodgers, Yankees
2,396/ 1955-1966Dodgers
2,362/ 1970-1994Dodgers, Rangers, White Sox, Marlins
2,357/ 1948-1966Phillies, Orioles, Astros, Cubs
2,334/ 1939-1963Senators, Indians, White Sox, Indians
2,316/ 1897-1910Colonels, Pirates, Orphans, A's, Browns
2,303/ 1960-1975Giants, Red Sox, Dodgers
2,293/ 1984-2000Mets, Yankees, Indians, Astros, Rays, Yankees
2,266/ 1925-1941A's, Red Sox
2,251/ 1995-2010Yankees, Astros, Yankees
2,246/ 1901-1917A's, Terriers, Browns
2,245/ 1963-1989Indians, White Sox, Dodgers, Yankees, Angels, A's, Yankees
2,212/ 1965-1984Orioles
2,201/ 1987-2007Blue Jays, Tigers, Reds, Orioles, Yankees, Blue Jays, White Sox, Yankees, Padres, Red Sox, Padres, Dodgers
2,198/ 1911-1930Phillies, Cubs, Cardinals, Phillies
2,175/ 1969-1986A's, Giants, Royals, Giants
2,167/ 1954-1971Twins, Senators, Reds, Dodgers, Indians
2,156/ 1992-presentPirates, Red Sox
2,149/ 1976-1998Orioles, Expos, Indians, Mariners, Braves
2,082/ 1929-1953Dodgers, Cubs, Browns, Senators, Red Sox, Browns, Tigers, Senators, Dodgers, Browns, Senators, A's, Senators, Yankees, Giants, Senators, A's
2,074/ 1980-1997Dodgers, Angels, Orioles, Phillies, Padres, Cardinals
2,045/ 1915-1935Pirates, Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, Reds, Cardinals, Dodgers
2,017/ 2001-presentIndians, Brewers, Yankees
2,015/ 1972-1991Cubs, Yankees, Cubs, Pirates, Giants
2,014/ 1983-2000Dodgers, Indians, Giants, Mets, Dodgers
2,012/ 1965-1979A's, Yankees
2,000/ 1989-2002Padres, Mariners, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Cardinals
1,999/ 1945-1964Tigers, White Sox, Giants
1,994/ 1989-2004Royals, A's, Mets, Angels, Royals
Strikeouts/ YearsPlayerTeam(s)
1,987/ 1924-1947Red Sox, Yankees, White Sox
1,978/ 1882-1894Ruby Legs, White Stockings, Beaneaters, Spiders
1,976/ 1997-presentBraves, Phillies, Indians, Rangers, Orioles, Rockies
1,974/ 1987-2005Yankees, Blue Jays, Marlins, Mets, Marlins, Yankees
1,969/ 1978-1994Dodgers, A's
1,968/ 1989-2008Rangers, Yankees, A's, Mets, Rangers, Twins, Rangers, Tigers
1,956/ 1950-1967Yankees
1,955/ 1986-2001Rangers, A's, Marlins, Rangers, Cardinals, Rays, Indians, Diamondbacks
1,942/ 1978-1998Rangers, Brewers, Astros, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Rangers, Pirates, Astros, White Sox, Giants
1,934/ 1998-presentBlue Jays, Phillies
1,934/ 1889-1901Hoosiers, Giants, Reds
1,928/ 1988-2009Royals, Red Sox, Cubs, Astros, White Sox, Yankees, Phillies, Diamondbacks
1,928/ 1996-presentMarlins, Giants, Nationals, Diamondbacks, Twins, Rockies, Mets, Nationals
1,918/ 1995-2008Dodgers, Mets, Brewers, Tigers, Red Sox, Dodgers, Rays, Royals
1,907/ 1969-1990Cardinals, Astros, Pirates, Dodgers, Reds, Angels, White Sox, Brewers, Pirates
1,877/ 2000-presentTwins, Mets
1,868/ 1890-1906Beaneaters, Cardinals, Phillies
1,850/ 1880-1892Trojans, Giants
1,844/ 1982-1996Twins, Mets, Red Sox, Reds, Blue Jays
1,830/ 1880-1891Bisons, Grays, Beaneaters, Reds
1,803/ 1881-1894Wolverines, Eclipse, Browns, Blue Stockings, Reds, Orioles, Spiders
1,799/ 1875-1892Brown Stockings, Bisons, Alleghenys, Burghers, Pirates, Browns
1,796/ 1939-1955Tigers, Indians
1,791/ 1999-presentMarlins, Blue Jays, Yankees
1,778/ 1975-1988Yankees
1,766/ 1987-2003Giants, Marlins, Rangers, Braves, Red Sox
1,765/ 1998-presentMarlins, Reds, Cubs
1,760/ 1965-1983Angels, Yankees, Orioles, Expos, Yankees
1,759/ 2001-presentAstros, Phillies
1,758/ 1995-2009Braves, Pirates, Giants, Dodgers
1,747/ 1967-1988Cubs, Padres, Tigers, Braves, Astros, Yankees, Twins
1,743/ 1983-1997Dodgers, Mets, Orioles, Phillies, Astros
1,742/ 1997-presentIndians, Expos, White Sox, Angels, Red Sox, White Sox, Yankees
1,741/ 1978-1995Dodgers, Rangers, Phillies, A's, Blue Jays, A's
1,736/ 1904-1917White Sox, Braves
1,735/ 1983-1999Brewers, Indians, Blue Jays, Dodgers, A's, Indians
1,734/ 1951-1966Pirates, Yankees, Mets
1,728/ 1965-1979Senators, Tigers, Cubs, A's, Blue Jays, Giants, Pirates
1,728/ 1957-1973Orioles, Reds, Braves, Cubs
1,727/ 1983-1997Phillies, Expos, Dodgers, Rangers, Angels
1,723/ 1977-1992Astros, Mariners, White Sox, Royals, Angels, Rangers
1,715/ 1994-2010Dodgers, Rangers, Padres, Mets, Dodgers, Phillies, Yankees, Pirates
1,715/ 1984-2001Royals, Mets, Rockies, Red Sox
1,711/ 1903-1925A's, Terrapins, Phillies, White Sox
1,709/ 1955-1968Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies
1,704/ 1878-1887Blues, Outlaw Reds, Grays, White Stockings, Alleghenys
1,703/ 1962-1974Pirates, Red Sox
1,702/ 1903-1919Giants, Reds, Cardinals, Phillies
1,700/ 1882-1892Beaneaters, Quakers, A's, Reds, Orioles
1,699/ 1999-presentA's, Braves
1,697/ 1947-1967Phillies, Cardinals, Cubs, Angels
1,689/ 1980-1994Red Sox, Padres, Rockies, Rangers
1,683/ 2000-presentA's, Giants
1,679/ 1976-1994Dodgers, Indians, Cubs, Orioles, Cardinals
1,667/ 1928-1943Giants
1,674/ 1930-1946Tigers
1,673/ 1975-1993Pirates, Angels, Mets, Yankees, Expos, Twins, Blue Jays, Dodgers, Pirates
1,669/ 1979-1998Blue Jays, White Sox, Blue Jays
1,668/ 1991-2002Astros, Rockies, Cardinals
1,667/ 1982-1995Mariners, A's, Tigers
1,665/ 1887-1955A's, Wonders, A's, Phillies, Pirates, Colonels, Senators, Cardinals, Superbas, Blues, Reds
1,664/ 1992-2006Dodgers, Rockies, Astros, Mets, Red Sox, Rangers, Padres, Nationals
1,663/ 1999-presentPhillies, Dodgers, Padres, Astros, Dodgers, Brewers
1,659/ 1997-presentMariners, Red Sox, Dodgers, Braves
1,651/ 1898-1910Beaneaters, Pirates, Cardinals
1,647/ 1964-1982Phillies, Cardinals, Red Sox, Indians, Padres
1,643/ 1991-2006Expos, Mariners, Rangers, Red Sox, Cubs, Carinals, Rockies, Diamondbacks, Giants
Strikeouts/ YearsPlayerTeam(s)
1,639/ 1961-1977Yankees, A's, Brewers, Dodgers
1,632/ 1959-1977Reds, Cardinals, Astros, Orioles, Angels
1,632/ 1999-presentExpos, Yankees, A's, Blue Jays, Cubs, Dodgers
1,629/ 1959-1973Phillies, Brewers
1,625/ 1968-1979Angels, Dodgers, Braves, Yankees, Dodgers
1,621/ 2001-presentMarlins, Red Sox
1,621/ 1897-1912Spiders, Cardinals, Browns, Highlanders, Browns
1,621/ 1973-1985Expos
1,614/ 1960-1976Cardinals, Giants, Mets, Braves, Royals, Brewers
1,612/ 1957-1975Reds, Senators, Dodgers, Astros, Cardinals, White Sox
1,611/ 1978-1996Expos, Cubs, A's, Yankees, Angels, Giants, White Sox, Angels
1,610/ 1952-1972Giants, Cardinals, Indians, Orioles, White Sox, Angels, Braves, Cubs, Braves, Dodgers
1,606/ 1984-2002Yankees, A's, Reds
1,605/ 1960-1971Reds, Angels
1,601/ 1965-1978Cubs, A's, Orioles, Yankees, Cubs
1,594/ 1983-1995Pirates, White Sox, Cardinals, Phillies, White Sox, Expos
1,594/ 1986-1998Yankees, Pirates, Astros, White Sox, Orioles
1,593/ 1908-1925Giants, Robins, Reds, Braves
1,591/ 1993-2008Cubs, Rays, Blue Jays, Mets, Orioles, Cubs, Orioles
1,590/ 1983-1995Mets, Expos, A's
1,587/ 1966-1983Pirates, Phillies, Tigers, Expos, Reds, Cubs, Expos
1,587/ 1988-2002Blue Jays, A's, Cardinals, Rangers, Diamondbacks
1,576/ 1959-1975Indians, Twins, Tigers, Indians, A's
1,576/ 1998-presentCubs, Indians, Yankees, Cubs
1,575/ 1952-1964Cardinals, Phillies, Redlegs, Pirates, Orioles
1,571/ 1881-1890Beaneaters, Cowboys, Nationals, Hoosiers, A's
1,554/ 2002-presentPaders, White Sox
1,553/ 1994-2008Pirates, Cubs, Yankees, Phillies, Cubs
1,553/ 1884-1897Atlantics, Orioles, Pirates, Colts
1,552/ 1898-1918Senators, Superbas, Tigers, Yankees, Tigers
1,542/ 1986-2002Indians, Reds, Astros, Indians, Twins, Red Sox, Diamondbacks
1,542/ 2001-presentCubs
1,538/ 1984-1998Blue Jays, Yankees, Orioles
1,534/ 1961-1971Angels, Twins, Indians, Mets, Tigers
1,534/ 1941-1958Tigers, Browns, White Sox, Tigers, A's, Yankees
1,528/ 1971-1989Dodgers, Orioles, Yankees, Rangers, Braves, Giants, Yankees, Blue Jays, Braves, Tigers
1,522/ 1957-1974Braves, White Sox, Pirates, Red Sox, Indians, A's, Cubs, Astros, Pirates
1,519/ 1987-2000Dodgers, Reds, White Sox, Tigers, Mariners, Royals, Angels
1,516/ 1971-1983Mets, Rangers
1,515/ 1885-1890Colonels, Browns
1,515/ 1964-1977Dodgers, Angels, Rangers, Twins, Blue Jays
1,512/ 1916-1934Pirates, Robins, Giants, Pirates, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Cardinals, Yankees, Pirates
1,512/ 1962-1975Orioles, Expos
1,512/ 1964-1975Indians, Red Sox, Rangers, Cardinals, Padres, A's
1,507/ 1931-1945Cardinals, Reds, Cubs
1,506/ 1997-presentBlue Jays, Cardianls
1,502/ 1972-1994White Sox, Pirates, Yankees, Padres, Cubs, Giants, Yankees, Rangers, A's, Mariners
1,493/ 1964-1977Astros, Cardinals
1,493/ 1971-1980Astros
1,491/ 1975-1992Orioles, Blue Jays, Orioles
1,491/ 1971-1985Cubs, Dodgers, Rangers
1,486/ 1999-presentMariners, White Sox, Phillies, Tigers, Yankees
1,482/ 1902-1915Tigers, Senators, Hoosiers, Pepper
1,482/ 1989-2001Mets, Twins, Dodgers, White Sox, Cubs
1,481/ 1966-1984Braves, Cardinals, Phillies, White Sox
1,480/ 1993-2007Blue Jays, Padres, Cardinals, Padres, Astros
1,478/ 1976-1989Cubs, Phillies, Giants
1,475/ 1965-1979Red Sox, Brewers, Phillies
1,473/ 1976-1990Giants, Astros, Giants
1,471/ 1914-1933White Sox
1,469/ 1979-1991Mets, Astros
1,468/ 1930-1943Yankees, Senators
1,467/ 1995-2006Twins
1,459/ 2002-presentAngels, Red Sox
1,455/ 1923-1941Browns, Cubs
1,452/ 1969-1983Expos, Cubs, White Sox, A's, Red Sox, Angels, Royals

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