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'Shaqtastic 29 points.' (This is an actual quote)Basketball
'I have an idea, I'll just yell at my quarterback and coach unitl I get traded.'Football
'Practice' (This is an actual quote)Basketball
'Does this ridiculous moustache make me look older now?'Hockey
'Hugh Hefner can have 20 girlfriends, why can't I?'Golf
'3 types of cancer?! Eh no big deal.'Cycling
'My name hasn't been on the news for a year...time to change it.'Football
'I did not bet on baseball, I simply made predictions worth money.'Baseball
'4th quarter, time to pray.'Football
'Hey Knicks, choke on these.'Basketball
'Maybe if I say I'm retired, I won't have to train this summer. Then I can just come back.'Football
'Tim Tebow has it all wrong. You aren't supposed to perform in the 4th quarter. Just look at the finals tape.'Basketball
'I love your dog! I bet mine could kill it.'Football
'You wanna throw water at me?'Basketball
'I took eliminating the competition to a whole new level.'Figure Skating
'Madison Square Garden had the greatest fans, then I ran the Knicks into the ground.'Basketball
'I hate photographers.'Basketball
'No I didn't choke my coach, I said he was choking.'Basketball
'Wait you're supposed to make fun of the guy with cancer right?'Hockey
'Sorry Cleveland, last second shots are just my thing.'Basketball
'I'll just marry one of the hottest women alive and divorce her a couple months later.'Basketball
'Don't worry, I can still win titles without Shaq.'Basketball
'I love the taste of Holyfield in the morning.'Boxing

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