diet pepsi and starbursts

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Can you name the diet pepsi and starbursts ?

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Also try: Muse or Ruse?
Do you need help?Put your answer HEREFYI
evaluate ln 15.2haha
How much sodium is in a pepsi?very low sodium
log256base is 2
What does log stand for?haha
log1/2base is 4
How many L's are in log?haha
log15925base is 5
Where was Mr. C born?haha
Do you need help?Put your answer HEREFYI
e^6two decimal places
Where is simona from?in the north
ln 4round to two decimals
What is Mr. C's first name?Starts with a C
ln 78965round to two decimals
How many calories are in one starburst?3 significant digits
Write in logarithm form 3^2=9use this format log__=__ base is __
How many states are in the USA?You should know this
log117649base is 7
cos 180Use your calculator

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