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Given name(Nick) Family nameHint
Anthony Jeromethose good ol' gimmickry!
Charles Linwood3x All-Star, 4x All-Defensive (1st or 2nd)
DeCovan KadellAll-Rookie 1st Team
Leonard Eugene2x All-Star, 1x All-NBA-1st
Arild Verner Agerskovthat should be an easy one, but I liked the name
Ronald Jerome4 consecutive seasons total OReb top ten
Eric Augustus1x All-Star and...well, actually nothing...*yawn*
Donald Earlbest season: All-Defensive-1st, #1 APG, #1 SPG
John Kennedy6x All-Star
Daron Oshay6 consecutive seasons SPG top three
Given name(Nick) Family nameHint
Mayce Edward Christopher5x All-Star
Vernell Eufaye14 years and nothing special...wait!, just bronze
Glen Anton1x All-Star; took him 25 years to get a ring
Collierafter 3x All-Defensive-2nd and 15 years finally a ring
Tyrone Curtisa good but often overlooked player
Wayne Monte7 consecutive seasons BPG top three
Elliott Lydell1x All-Star, 1000+ games
Ernest Maurice2x All-Star, 15000+ points
Joseph Henry7x All-Star

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