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Hot Actors by RolesHot Actor
Jason Bourne, Will Hunting
John Dillinger, Jack Sparrow
Blondie, Dirty Harry
Iceman, Batman
Danny Ocean, Cpt. Billy Tyne
Tony Stark,Sherlock Holmes
King Leonidas, Beowulf
Maverick, Ethan Hunt
Harry Osborn, Saul Silver
Aragorn, Frank Hopkins
Indiana Jones, Han Solo
Wolverine, Stanley Jobson
Hot Actors by RolesHot Actor
Mike Lowry, Alex Hitchens
Bruce Wayne, Melvin Purvis
Wyatt Earp, Cpt. Ron
Robin Longstride, Maximus
Ben Randall, Robin Hood
Jack Dawson, Howard Hughes
Korben Dallas, LT. John Mcclane
Coach Herman Boone, John Q
Joker, William Thatcher
Vince Papale, Micky Ward
Tyler Durden, Achilles

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